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Part One of FATED, the last book in the TALENTED SAGA is NOW AVAILABLE! 

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Part One of FATED is now available. Part Two of FATED will be be added to the same file on your Kindle at the end of the week with a possibility of being pushed to the weekend. We are so excited how Part One has come together and we just feel we need more time for a second read through of Part Two to be just as happy with it. We appreciate all your dedication and support and can't wait for you to read the end of Talia's story!!!

Part One of FATED


Chapter One


“What’s wrong with her?” Emma Montague asked me, pointing to Kenly Baker. My former mentee was sitting cross-legged on the floor, pitching back and forth like a rocking chair on overdrive.

“I don’t…,” I started to say. Images flooded my mind, cutting off the answer. Fire. Blood. Billowing clouds of turquoise smoke. People rushed to the surface levels of the Isle of Exile as enormous chrome-winged figures descended from the heavens above.

“Alex!” I screamed to no one in particular.

“Tals? Tals, what’s wrong? Talk to me!” Erik Kelley’s voice broke through the nightmare, his jewel-toned gaze penetrating the hellish slideshow inside my head. He gripped my shoulders and shook me. At first, I was too dazed to respond. Erik shook me hard enough that my teeth rattled.

“Natalia!” he snapped.

“The Isle is under attack.” I fought to see the McDonough’s home in the real world in front of me along with the hazy scenes playing out thousands of miles away.

“You’re sure?” Erik demanded, his gaze widening.

“Noooo,” Kenly moaned from the floor. Her boyfriend, James Wellington sat behind her, Kenly’s back pressed against his chest. He stroked her hair. “No,” she moaned again.

Erik’s eyes became unfocused as his mind joined with Kenly’s. Or maybe it was mine, I wasn’t certain. The color drained from Erik’s tanned skin when he saw the same scene I was witnessing. The flying beasts—people with glider wings attached to their backs, I realized—rained down balls of flame as they landed on the islands. The attackers’ suits were apparently fireproof, because they walked through the burning wreckage and remained unscathed. Even the waves lapping the shores of the island were not immune; twisted flames danced atop the roiling sea, providing no escape for the citizens of the Isle.

Erik managed to pull free from the vision before I did. Calm determination replaced the fear leaking from his pores. “It hasn’t happened yet,” he said softly, eyes sparkling.

 “What?” I stuttered. I blinked rapidly, until the McDonough’s house came into view again.

My question went unanswered. Erik was already gone. I caught a flash of movement near the kitchen. “It hasn’t happened yet.” The words played inside my head, and I chased after Erik.

“What does he mean?” Emma called after me, panic in her voice. The faint sound of her feet hurrying behind me barely registered.

“Can she see the future?” her boyfriend, Kip, asked. He sounded as scared as Emma.

With events unfolding quickly, I spared only a second to feel bad for the duo. They were from Pelia, a small island in the middle of an ocean that was untouched by our modern times. This world of war and destruction was as far from their icy sanctuary as night was from day.

You shouldn’t have brought them. They don’t belong here. I shook my head to clear the thoughts. No use torturing yourself over the past. They are here now. It’s up to you to keep them safe.

“Talia?” Kip whispered my name. He and Emma were right behind me when I caught up to Erik.

He’d understood the significance of Kenly’s vision faster than me and was was already punching in a contact on the house communicator.

I turned, my attention torn between Erik and the duo from Pelia. “Hmm? Yes, Kenly is a Visionary.” There was no point in mentioning that future-gazing was one of Kenly’s created abilities and she wasn’t born with the gift.

“Like a seer,” Kip replied. “We have a few on Pelia, but the skill is rare.”

Already tuned out of the conversation, one word registered in my frantic thoughts: rare. Visionaries were rare. So were Teleporters. In fact, Kip was the only one I’d ever met.

“Wait,” I met Kip’s gaze, “you can take me there. To the Isle. You can tele—”

His expression crushed the spark of hope that flitted through me. The trip from London to the McDonough School had exhausted all his energy, I already knew that. It was sort of a miracle he was still upright. My desperation had made me ask the question, my frantic thoughts focused only on keeping Alex McDonough safe. Kip shook his head.

“I’m so sorry, Talia…I can’t. I don’t have it in me to make another trip so soon,” he told me, looking genuinely distraught. READ MORE