Atlic (Timewaves #2) 

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Who knew that a prison break could advance your career?

When Stassi learns that she won’t be exiled from Branson Isle for returning from the past with slightly more than a kitschy souvenir, she is elated. When she learns that her boss is forming an elite team based on their performance in Paris, she is stunned.

After a month on Branson Isle, tasked with acclimating the syndicate’s newest runner to a time more than 500 years in his future, Stassi and her new team are off to 16th century England to procure an artifact only rumored to exist.

With rebellions rising and the Inquisition marching towards England, the stakes are higher than ever for the syndicate’s runners. Their target is sixteen-year old Lady Jane Grey, one of history’s most tragic figures. When Stassi and the gang arrive, Jane has just begun her short reign as Queen of England.

The runners thought that penetrating the fortress would be their biggest challenge. They were wrong.

For Stassi and her teammates, only one thing is certain: Heads. Will. Roll.

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