Fated Release 2018

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Part One of FATED, the last book in the TALENTED SAGA, is Now Available!

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Part One of FATED is now available. Part Two of FATED will be be added to the same file on your Kindle at the end of the week with a possibility of being pushed to the weekend. We are so excited how Part One has come together and we just feel we need more time for a second read through of Part Two to be just as happy with it. We appreciate all your dedication and support and can't wait for you to read the end of Talia's story!!!

Part One of FATED 


Talia and Erik thought defeating TOXIC was enough. They were very wrong. With enemies approaching from every direction, they're fighting for the existence of their species.
Not everyone will survive.... 


“Can’t this heap of metal fly any faster?” Penny Crane demanded.
The hover pilot, Agent Miles DeSanto, shot her a wry smile over his shoulder. “Don’t get your knickers in a twist, girlie, we’re all but breaking the sound barrier. Just ten minutes until we reach the Isle of Exile,” he soothed.
“Bryn Wellington might not have ten minutes, Miles,” Penny snapped.
The hover’s comms unit crackled, signaling an incoming message. Miles pressed a button on the console.
“Traffic control to 4928,” a male voice said through the speaker. “Please confirm your identity 4928.”
“Agent Miles DeSanto, UNITED ID 230,” Miles replied, furrowing his eyebrows. “I have two injured civilians onboard and have already been cleared to land. A medical emergency team should be standing by to meet us, over.” Read More