The end of the Talented Saga!

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Soooooo, as many of you know, FATED (Talented Saga #8) is finally live on Amazon! I, for one, cannot believe the time to say goodbye to Talia and the gang is here. It has been just over a decade (June 2008) since I first started working on a story that would eventually become CAGED. I have lived with and loved these characters, most of all Talia, for so long, and I freely admit that I cried A LOT while writing FATED. While I feel a great sense of relief, it comes with a profound sense of loss. I'm not sure what to do with myself now that I am no longer constantly thinking about the next steps in Talia's journey. However, I am very excited to start the next adventure, with all new characters and in an entirely new world :)

That being said, I can imagine a lot of people have lingering questions about certain characters or story lines from the Talented Saga that weren't adequantely answered. I can assure you that no threads were left hanging intentionally or because there might be another book from Talia's perspective. If you have a specific question, feel free to hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or in the comments! But, for now, here are a list of Frequently Asked Questions and the answers!

Question: How old is Alex? And, how old was Donavon when Alex was born?

Answer: We left Alex's age vague on purpose. In the original story (from way back in 2008), all the characters started out much older. Talia was suppossed to be closer to 25-26ish, and Donavon closer to 26-27. So Donavon having a five-year-old son at the beginning of the series worked out just fine. But, when we decided to make the series YA, we had to make Alex closer to 2. Even then, it means Alex was born when Donavon was only about 16. Because Alex is a big part of the story, we didn't want to write him out, but we also didn't want to play up teenage parenthood. Then, there was the problem of Alex being too young to do some of the things we had him doing in the original story. So, the answer is: Alex's age is approx. 3-4. And Donavon was 16 when Alex was born :)


Question: Will there be any additional books from Kenly's POV? And/or any books that resolve the Poacher storyline?

Answer: Never say never. We have talked about writing at least one more book from Kenly's POV, though we don't have anything actually in the works right now. Stay tuned to social media!


Question: Will there be a spinoff, either prequel or sequel series?

Answer: Again, nothing concrete right now. I have started the first book in a prequel trilogy that takes place not long after the Great Contamination and follows siblings who both have powers. But, we have a lot of stuff in the pipeline that is much closer to release than a prequel/sequel to the Talented Saga. If anything changes, or when we do set a release date, we'll announce it on all our social media outlets :) If we do a spinoff that comes after the events of FATED, Cressa and Kev will feature prominently....


Question: When will FATED be available in paperback?

Answer: By early September!


Question: When will FATED be available on audio?

Answer:....not sure. As of right now, we aren't positive how we are going to release the audiobooks for the final three Talented Saga books. A lot of this has to do with our desire to have a male narrator read Erik's sections. Things become a little trickier for us when hiring two narrators for one book. BUT, have no fear, we will figure out a way to get the last three audiobooks recordered and out to you all as soon as we can!


Question: Will there be any more novellas/deleted scenes released?

Answer: Maybe :) We do have a lot of deleted scenes from FATED, so those might make it onto the website or be posted in our Insiders group on Facebook in the near future. No novellas or short stories planned, but you never know!


Question: Are we going to see anymore Talia and Erik?

Answer: Maybe. Should we go ahead with a spinoff series, they might make an appearance. We are talking to graphic artists about doing graphic novels for the series, though there is no definite word on whether everything will work out. Personally, I would love to see the graphic novels happen, and we've been working on making this dream come true for a few years now. So, fingers crossed!


Thank you to everyone who has taken part in Talia's journey with us, I cannot tell you how much we have appreciated all of your love and support over the years. This has truly been an amazing ride and we are so thankful for all the emails and messages from readers. As we move forward onto the next chapter, Talia and Erik will never be far from our thoughts or hearts.


All the best,


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