What I'm Working On Now

This week I'm at hard at work on the story edits for the third book in the Talented Series, Hunted.  I actually wrote the first draft as part of the NANO competition back in November and have been itching to get started on the revisions.  Of course, once I read back through the rough draft I realized how much work it really needs, but editing is half the battle, right? 

Caged, the second book in the Talented Series, is currently with my editors/trusted friends, and I'm eagerly awaitng their ideas on how to make the story better.  The wonderful artist, Laurel Dabbs, who did both the sketches and final painting for the Talented Cover is currently working on the cover for Caged, and I anticipate having that to share by the end of this month!!! 

I have others working on the website to make it look better/more fun, web design is not my forte.  I also plan on having several giveaways for Talented shortly for anyone interested in scoring a free copy!!!

When I have spare time, or need a break from Talia's world, I have been outlining some ideas for upcoming series.  Nothing too concrete yet, but who knows what my brain with develop :-)

Well that's it for now, hopefully more to report in the coming weeks!


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