Throne of Fire

Throne of Fire: Book Two of the Fire Fae series

She has to tell him. But she'll lose him when she does. 

Maybrie Hawkins used to be the Fae fighter who couldn’t be beat. Now that her relationship with Prince Kai is public, she’s the lowly Fae who isn’t worthy of the Caster royal. Kai's advisors believe she’s an unsuitable companion, and they don't even know the secret she's been keeping from him.

When Brie is invited to participate in an Interkingdom fight, she jumps at the chance. Unfortunately, her betrayal can't be left behind. While facing brutal abilities in fierce competitions, Brie is given an ultimatum: if she doesn't tell Kai the truth, someone else will.

Though the thought of losing Kai is more than she can stand, Brie must decide whether to risk his wrath and charges of treason, or flee for her life and lose him forever.