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Q: Why do you always say "we" instead of "I"? Do you have a mouse in your pocket? Voices rattling around in your head?

A: Sophie Davis is a pen name for TWO of us (you can read more about this on our bio page). We brainstorm, outline, write, and revise the books together.

Q:  When is Inescapable coming out?

A:   It's out now- phew!

Q: Why was there such a long gap between Created and Inescapable?

A: Honestly, because we named book #6 Unforgettable instead. That one started out as a novella, to catch the readers up on Talia and Erik during the time Exiled took place, but there was just so much story to tell that it became a novel. In hindsight, we should've called it Inescapable to avoid reader confusion, but of course that didn't occur to us at the time.

Q: Why does it take so much time to release the next book in each series?

A:  We are working to release sequels within each series on a cycle right now, which is why it seems to take so long between each book in a series.  We have definitely learned our lesson about trying to do four series at the same time- it's NOT a good idea! In the future, we plan to only work on one series at a time, which will drastically decrease the time lapse between releases. In the meantime, we hope you guys will stick with us as we wrap up the Talented Saga and Blind Barriers Trilogy. We promise, we are trying our best to get the next book in each series out ASAP :)

Q: When is the Pawn sequel coming out?

A: See above.  Just kidding! Sort of. We've started writing on Sacrifice, but the first draft is still in its infancy. When we finished Pawn, we were just so excited to get it out that we didn't think about the potential pitfalls of releasing it before the second book was written, while also working on two other series. We're wrapping those up, and then will shift focus to finishing up the Nightmares Trilogy! The ideas are down. The outlines are made. It is just a matter of having enough time to actually write the books, and do them justice. As with the final Talented Saga book, Undeniable, and all of our other works, we will do our best to keep you all apprised of our progress.

Q: When is the next Blind Barriers installment coming out?

A: Vacant Voices, the third and final book in the trilogy, is tentatively scheduled for release at the end of 2016. This is the only series that we've written detailed outlines for (since a mystery necessitates the careful planning) and they're by far our shortest books, so it shouldn't take nearly as long to write as books in the Talented Saga and Timewaves series.  As with the other books, we'll be sure to share updates on progress and release news via the newsletter and social media

Q: Why is Exiled told from Kenly's POV?

A: While writing Created, we ended up developing a lot of subplots that we loved. We wanted the chance to explore the Talented world as a whole and not just the bubble that Talia lives in. One of the ideas that we came up with had to do with the Poachers (if you don't know what I'm talking about, read Exiled! :)). After everything that happened in Created, and the way that book ended, it didn't feel right to have Talia dealing with the Poachers. She has a lot of other stuff on her plate! So, we decided to use Kenly instead, which worked perfectly (in our humble opinions) with how things were left with her character in Created. 

Q: Why are there more than four Talented books, when you said there were only going to be four?

A: Good question. Again, while working on Created we realized that there was a lot more we wanted to do with the Talented world, particularly with Talia, Erik, and Penny. Initially, a lot of the themes that appear in Exiled and Unforgettable were part of Created. However, the book was insanely long and confusing because we were trying to cover too much ground at once. We decided that if we wanted to address these themes, settings, characters and scenarios, we'd have to do so in a separate story arc, over the course of four additional books. We're so happy we were able to do this, since we've added some really cool twists and brand new nefarious happenings!

Q: Is Inescapable definitely the last Talia & Erik Talented book?

A: No! After much debate, and actually working on Inescapable, we have decided there needs to be one more book after Inescapable to finish Talia's story. It will be called Undeniable and, like Inescapable, it will be written with alternating points of view, and will conclude the overall story arc that began with Exiled. As of right now, even a tentative release date for this book is uncertain. What we can tell you is this: We will do our VERY best to get it out as quickly as possible. Once Atlic and Vacant Voices are out, we will have a better idea of an exact date when Undeniable will be making its ways to digital shelves worldwide. As of right now, it looks like very early in 2017. 

Q: Is Talented going to be made into a movie?

A: It would be a dream come true, and I absolutely believe in having dreams. However, at this time, there are no plans for that to happen. If you are someone who's interested in making our dreams a reality, please contact us directly ( for more information on subrights.

Q: Are your books available in other languages?

A: Currently, no. This, too, is something that we are interested in. However, with only so many hours in the day, we are limited on the number of projects that we can take on. Between all of the other opportunities open to us right now, bringing on translators is not something we have time to undertake. If you are interested in acquiring foreign rights to any of our books, please contact us at

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