Throne of Ashes

Throne of Ashes: Book Four in the Fire Fae series

When Brie Hawkins saw Kai’s crimson eyes, she thought it was the worst thing that could ever happen. She was wrong. 

As Kai embraces his newfound bloodlust, Brie will do anything to make him remember the man he was—the love of her life. Even as the rest of the world descends into a war brewing for generations, Brie refuses to accept that Kai is lost. With Brie’s friends still captives of the Dresdens, they will be the targets of retribution for Kai’s rescue. But she can’t save them either when the enemy surrounds the Midnight Hive. 

Yet there is a larger threat that overshadows all others, one as old as the fae themselves. A prophecy foretells the end times, and the signs are all aligned. If Brie cannot stop it, her first enemy and an ancient curse will shatter the world as they know it.