Throne of Blood

Throne of Blood: Book Three of the Fire Fae series

If she stays beneath the dome, she’ll be executed for a crime she didn’t commit. But fleeing means that the people she leaves behind will inherit her fate. 

WARNING: Spoilers for Throne of Winter and Throne of Fire 

The Freelands is a dangerous frozen landscape where fae and shifters roam free. The Dresden clan rules as the first family, and they’re leading an uprising to overthrow the casters who've wielded more than their share of power for far too long. As a wanted murderess, Brie isn't surprised to learn the Dresden patriarch is anxious to keep her close and make her a symbol of his revolution. But a powerful dark force has other plans for Brie. 

Beneath the Los Angeles dome, tensions are high. The royal casters are desperate to stomp out the flickers of rebellion before they are caught up in the inferno. As a young king, Kai's opinion always held little sway with his fellow monarchs. He has even less now, since the woman he loves has branded a traitor. When he receives a startling invitation from outside the dome, Kai risks his life and his kingdom for the chance to help both his subjects and the woman he hopes will one day be their queen.