Throne of Winter

Throne of Winter: Book One of the Fire Fae series

When the world froze over, Caster Kingdoms emerged beneath domed enclosures, protecting their charmed inhabitants from the lethal conditions outside. Maybrie Hawkins grew up in Fae Canyon, an enclave in the wilderness that adapted to live on their own terms. Until the fateful night she was kidnapped and traded to a kingdom for her rare fire magic.

Years later, Brie is a renowned champion in the fight pits. Though the Casters chant her name instead of scorning her, most of the kingdom’s fae are not so lucky. Amongst growing unrest, a rebellion has grown in the shadows to fight for freedom. And they need Brie. Particularly once the heir to the Caster throne sets his sights on her. When Brie joins the uprising, her mission is anything but easy: she must swallow her disdain for Prince Kai and earn his trust.

Though a charm lurks beneath his diffident air, Brie sees the royal only as a means to the end of Caster superiority. But a larger threat also looms over the fae, threatening to take their lives and not just their freedoms. When fae begin to go missing, Brie will do anything to hunt those responsible. Even if it means accepting help from a sworn enemy.