The Lost Pack (EVE OF ETERNALS): His brother killed her father, so why does her soul sing for his?

paranormal romance/romantic fantasy

Wolf Rising (EVE OF ETERNALS): Their chemistry is undeniable. Their bond is unbreakable. Their love is unforgiveable.

Paranormal romance/paranormal fantasy

In a future where superpowers are becoming extinct, a seventeen-year-old girl with psychic abilities must navigate love and heartbreak while training as an assassin to exact revenge on the man who killed her parents.

Sci-fi/Dystopian Romance

Would You Risk Your Future To Discover Your Past?

Urban fantasy/science fiction

A snarky fae, a caster prince, and a rebellion that threatens them all.

dystopian fantasy/Paranormal romance

Fate says she dies, she has other plans.

urban fantasy/mythology/angels

A missing diamond heiress. A clue-riddled journal. A family secret that rocks Manhattan society.


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